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Request for Proposals Winners

Winners of the Global Challenges in Economics and Computation (GCEC) Request for Proposals (RFP) were announced at the Workshop on Global Challenges in Economics and Computation (GCEC'20), which will took place virtually on July 17-19, 2020.

Eight winners were selected to receive either full or partial funding amongst a set of twenty finalists. In addition to these winners and finalists, twenty honorable mentions were accepted as workshop posters. Winners, finalists, and honorable mentions are all listed below.



Afforestation Incentive Design for Smallholding Farmers in Uganda
Clement Okia, Wanyi Li, Nicole Immorlica, Brendan Lucier and Hanna Ihli

Doing Better Well: Designing a Market for Allocating Donations
Rasoul Ramezanian, Mehdi Feizi and Bettina Klaus

Expert-in-the-loop Recommender System using Machine Learning for Localised Agricultural Advisory to Smallholder Farmers in a Developing Country
Joyce Nakatumba-Nabende, Bo Waggoner and Daniel Mutembesa

Maximising the Benefits of an Acutely Limited Number of COVID-19 Tests in San Luis Potosí, Mexico
Francisco Javier Marmolejo Cossio, Jakob Jonnerby, Edwin Lock, Divya Sridhar, Fernando Díaz Barriga Martínez, Ángel Gabriel Alpuche Solís, Salvador Ruiz Correa, Cesaré Ovando-Vázquez, Sergio Casas Flores and Philip Lazos

Reporting on Online Media Activities: bias News Inference Algorithms (ROMANIA)
Guillaume Ducoffe, Augustin Chaintreau, Gabriel Istrate, Florin Pop and Radu Boncea

Targeting and Allocative Efficiency in Vocational Training: Evidence from the Tejaswini Program for Adolescent Girls and Young Women in India
Smit Gade, Shubha Chakravarty and Achyuta Adhvaryu

Toward Creditworthiness: Eliciting Social Knowledge for Agricultural Credit in the Developing World
Daniel Mutembesa and Mark York

Using Mobile-Money Data to Estimate Household Poverty and Target Credit Service Interventions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
Eric Mibuari and David Parkes


Data-driven Agent-based Models in Real-world Dairy (DAMReD)
Devotha Godfrey Nyambo and Thomas Clemen

Decentralization of National Developmental and Infrastructural Projects.
Baah Kusi

Developing and Commercializing an Agro-goods Transport and Market (AgroTM) Tool for Promoting Smallholder Farmers on Participating in Economic Development
Stivin Nchimbi, Rehema Mwawado and Mussa Dida

Donor Resource Allocation and Monitoring for Social Good
Rising Odegua and Halimah Oladosu

Effective Management of the vegetable and fruit supply chain affecting the micro, small and medium-scale agriculture sector in Sri Lanka, using an AI-based technology application.
Bamunusing Welegey Renuka Damayanthi, Buddy Liyanage, Hewa Katukurundage Sarath and Hewa Katukurundage Thusara Deemantha

Electrification, Climate Adaptation, and Health in Africa: Evidence from China Aid
Guojun He, Takanao Tanaka and Pak Hung Lam


Game Theory Based Optimized Waste Management System
Michael Olanipekun, Elisha Odemakinde and Brain Aboze

Machine learning based Resource Aware Input supply matching model for small-Scale farmer in Ethiopia
Tage Aboneh, Endris Mohammed, Tadele Mognehodie and Genet Shanko

Matching Freshman Students to Universities in Ethiopia
Gezehagn Gutema Eggi


Optimal Dynamic Auctions and Designer Credibility in Scrap Sales
Smit Ga, Russell Morton and Achyuta Adhvaryu


Shared Trust to End Poverty and Promote Financial Inclusion
Olalekan Akinsande, Gbemileke Onilude and Olalekan Akinsande

Zero Hunger
Stephen Oni and Sarah Adekunle

Honorable Mentions (Accepted Posters)

A Mobile and Web-based Geo-Information System for Land and Property Marketing and Sale in East Africa
Brian Muganda, Bernard Shibwabo and Henry Muchiri

A Decentralized Educational Prediction Market for Information Aggregation, Ideas Generation and Forecasting
Brian Muganda, Bernard Shibwabo and Henry Muchiri

A Machine learning system for intelligent operation of water distribution networks.
Mohamed Abdelkader, Mohamed Afify and Hany Salah

Addressing Post-Harvest Losses in Kenya: Bridging the Supply Chain Gap

Faith Okong'O

An Efficient Crowdsourced Funds Allocation Mechanism For Youth Empowerment.
Roselyn Isimeto, Oluwatoyin Ogundipe and Daniel Alienyi

Crop Yield Estimation in Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia using  Artificial Intelligence and Remotely Sensed Data
Kaleab Woldemariam and Fekadu Kassa Habteyohannes

Development of Multi-Channel Fisheries Information gathering and Dissemination System
Sadiki Lameck and Dina Machuve

Development of Sustainable Livelihood Patterns for the Artisans and Craftsman in Birbhum District, with special Reference to Bolpur-Sriniketan and Labhpur Community Development Blocks, West Bengal, India
Ansuman Chakraborty, Monirul Islam, Amal Krishna Chakrabortti and Ansuman Chakraborty

Effective house allocation: A case study of Kenya
Faith Okong'O and Louisa Kamwele

Evaluating the gendered impact of home solar systems on educational outcomes in rural Ghana
Anthony Afful-Dadzie, Samuel Asampana Atarah, Edwin Muchapondwa and Isaac Nunoo

Non-linear interlinkages and key objectives amongst the Sustainable Development Goals in Bangladesh
Anower Hossain, Felix Laumann and Thiago Kanashiro Uehara

Nonprofit Effectiveness and Funding Choice
Allan Ogwang, Solomon Rukundo and Elizabeth Kelly

On the Use of Game Theoretic Models for Waste Managements
Chijioke Okoye, Winnie Ijede and Francis Okoye

Powering South Western Nigeria Using Cooperative Game Theory
Oluwakemi Fasae, Oluwaseun Oladimeji and Oluwakemi Akinwehinmi

Reducing Information Asymmetry for Cashew nut Farmers in Tanzania
Wasiwasi Mgonzo, Michael Mollel and Frank Mmbando

SECure: A Social and Environmental Certificate for AI Systems
Abhishek Gupta, Camylle Lanteigne and Sara Kingsley

Towards Increasing Cervical Cancer Screening uptake and Reducing Mortality rate in Nigeria
Nentawe Gurumdimma, Jaafaru Jibrin, Chuwang Nyam and Innocent Emmanuel

Towards reducing poverty and unemployment: achieving optimal agricultural income and full subsistence consumption expenditure in Nigeria by 2030
Job Nmadu, Abigail Jirgi, Halima Sallawu, Kpotun Baba, Andrew Gana, Elisha Jiya, Daniel Tsado, John Alhassan, Olushola Alabi and Jacob Tsado

Understanding Data Analytics for Small Online Businesses: NLP, Search Model, and Experimental Evidence
Yizhou Jin, Zhengyun Sun and Yizhou Jin

Using Security Games to Curb Insurgency in Nigeria
Halleluyah Aworinde, Segun Adebayo, Akinwale Akinwunmi, Femi Alamu, Adeyinka Abiodun and Femi Oladele

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